Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little About Me!


My name is Brandi Mann, I have been a coaches wife for almost 7 years! My husband is from Amarillo and I am from Wichita Falls! We met when he was coaching at Wichita Falls High School. I had graduated from the opposing High School: S.H.Rider High.

Here is the very short version of my story:

I come from 3 generations of Wichita Falls Coyotes, and grew up an avid Coyote fan, but I rebelled and went on to be a Rider Raider. A very dedicated Rider Raider. And although I grew up in a ridiculous football fanatic family, I actually have my High School boyfriend to thank for me becoming a football fanatic myself. After watching him play, I would little by little learn some football and eventually, I was just hooked. (so thank you Kyle)

I graduated in 1999 and even after High School, I continued to go to all Rider Football games. Yes, I was THAT girl- but no worries- I did not wear my letter jacket!

In 2001, I met a VERY, extremely good looking guy named Josh Mann through some good friends. Well, wouldn't you know it- he was a Coyote Football Coach. "Great", I thought, BUT, I was easily able to strike up a conversation with him, and although at first he didn't really talk to me (I guess because I had a boyfriend sitting next to me at the time)- I eventually broke that barrier and he finally at least acknowledged my presence and he would talk to me when he would see me.
Fast forwarding to November 2002, the night before the big Coyote/ Rider game. I was at a Sports Bar with my aunt and Josh walked in with a friend. I went over to talk to him for a few minutes and I told him Good Luck against beating Rider and that although I thought the Coyotes were good, I didn't think they would beat Rider, but that I would be on the Coyote side cheering with my Grandpa-although I would be cheering for Rider, while Grandpa was cheering for the Yotes.
(Now Remember, Josh and I barely up until that point- and I actually thought that he was snobby because he wouldn't ever really talk to me)

Anyhow, after I said this, he looked at me, with raised eyebrows and asked, "You're going to the game?"
At that point, I literally got irritated and in one breath I said, "YES, I TOLD you that I come from a long line of Coyotes, and that I go to all the games, even though I am a Rider fan. We even go to the out of town games" THEN just to prove it, I started talking about several of the games, spouted out scores to certain ones. I went on to ask him what the head coach said to the team at halftime of Coyote/ San Angelo game when they were down 35-0 at half and then came back to win 72-35.
I think THAT got his attention. He pulled out his wallet and gave me his football passes to the game and told me to use it to get in free and We have been together EVERY day since that night.
I became a Coyote Coaches Wife in 2003, Josh was the Head Freshman Coach, he moved up to the Varsity Defensive Ends coach in 2004

In 2005 I became a Cedar Park Coaches Wife when we moved with our head coach, Chris Ross to Cedar Park High School where Josh was named the Co-Defensive Coordinator and he coached the Linebackers

In 2008, I became a Head Coaches Wife when Josh was named the Head Coach at Rouse High School, also in the same school district as Cedar Park.

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