ALL About Lady Mann's Locker Room!

My name is Brandi Mann, I have been a High School Football Coaches Wife for almost 7 years! My husband has been a head coach for 2 years and we love every minute of it!

I have been searching and searching for neat football things that are unique and I  things that you can't always buy in a store! One day I was frustrated that I couldn't find a cute little football jersey for me and for my (then) 9month old, so I made my own and I haven't stopped!

If you want something customized, let me know and I can help you! If I can't do it myself, I WILL find someone that can, or I will track it down on the internet and send you the website.

You can Contact me for questions about an item or for pricing  and/or to place an order!!

I have created 6 blogs into one.
Lady Mann's Locker Room is basically the home page

Lady Mann's Fun Finds is a list of really cool websites and vendors that I have ordered from.    The items on this site are of things that I have designed myself, but someone else actually made it. I have had great experiences with all of the people on this page!

Lady Mann's Gift Shop everything on this site, I created, designed and made on my own. anything that you see on this page can be customized to your liking and I can even do most things for the coaches daughters too- even little ones! You may order any item on this page and I will make every effort to have it to you within a week. If it takes longer, I will let you know upon ordering.

Lady Mann's X's and O's  this page is information for all of you coaches wives! Ideas, fun facts, just stuff! Lots of great links and things you can do to start traditions! I want some feedback on things you do- you can leave it in the comments section!

Little Mann's Stadium Shop this page is shopping for KIDS! Boys and Girls! Lots of cute stuff on this page. Everything is handmade by me and again, I can get all of this to you within a week!

Little Mann's Locker Room just like the X's and O's page, this is an informational site just for coaches kids- boys and girls! Activities, way to get them involved, cute little chants. Its specific to coaches kids, but any sporty kid will appreciate it!